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            Universal Medical's Wholly-owned Subsidiary is Upgraded to AAA Credit Rating by Two Authoritative Rating Agencies

            上传时间:2018-04-25 发布人:zhangyazheng

            Recently, two of the five major credit rating agencies in China, China Cheng Xin International Credit Rating Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Brilliance Credit Rating & Investors Service Co., Ltd. have both issued credit reports in upgrading China Universal Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CULC) to AAA credit rating, which is the highest rating on corporate by professional rating agencies . Since then, the Company has officially entered the echelon of AAArated leasing companies supervised by the Ministry of Commerce.



            Since 2015, CULC has issued over RMB 10 billion bonds in the inter-bank bond market and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, together with another registered credit facility of nearly RMB 10 billion, has provided a solid financial guarantee for the rapid development of the Company's business. The AAA credit ratings reflect high acknowledgement of the Company's strong shareholder background, rapid business development and superior assets quality, which will help the Company further broaden financing channels and reduce financing cost.


            In the future, Universal Medical will leverage on its own strong comprehensive superiority and solid layout in the medical and health industry to gain attention and recognition from increasing number of outstanding investors and funders.




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