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            International Land Port Hospital Groundbreaking Ceremony Held in Xi’an

            上传时间:2016-12-08 发布人:zhangyazheng



            (Dec 8, 2016, Xi’an) Groundbreaking ceremony of International Land Port Hospital (“ILP Hospital”), a new branch of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, was held in Xi’an City.

            ILP Hospital, to be co-established by the First Affiliated Hospital and Universal Medical Financial & Technical Advisory Services Co., Ltd (“Univeral Medical”) via PPP mode, will be a Class III-Grade A general hospital functioning as treatment center, teaching base, research laboratory, sanatorium as well as rehabilitation place via as planned. The groundbreaking marks a significant step forward in implementation of the first co-establishment project involving a regional-leading general hospital under NHFPC and social capital. Those who attended included deputy governor of Shaanxi Du Hangwei, chairman of China General Technology Group Xu Xianping and officials from provincial government, Xi’an government, Xi Jiao University, International Trade & Logistics Park government, the First Affiliated Hospital and Universal Medical.

            All parties highly appreciated the significance of ILP project with ardent expectations and affirmed that it is complementary advantages and excellent team members from two sides that made the efficient process from framework agreement to official signing and to practical implementation achieved within less than two years. The cooperation will tap the potentials of quality healthcare resources and break the difficulties in financing and mechanisms, making state-owned capital union and appreciation possible and hospital technical and managerial capacities enhanced side by side.

            ILP Hospital locates at Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park. The newly-built Park, regarded as start of “One Belt One Road Initiative”, functions as a leading pp for inland reform and open-up and therefore enjoys easy transportation in the area of 88.8 square meters. Together with the First Affiliated Hospital, Universal Medical is committed to establishing an advanced medical center in northwest China and exploring new solutions under the national healthcare reform to provide more high quality medical services to residents along “One Belt One Road” and even further, the Silk Road as a whole.

            The cooperation also marks solid progress for Universal Medical as a leading healthcare solutions provider. Leveraging on existing healthcare resources platform and customer base, the Company continuously innovates business mode to introduce more diversified overseas medical resources into China to facilitate the healthcare reform. In the years to come, the Company will continue to play a positive role in China’s healthcare modernization drive as well as “Healthy China” strategy.



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